How to use ACSS & Non-ACSS versions of BricksPlus templates

By BricksPlus


To effectively utilize ACSS templates, it’s essential to have Automatic CSS (ACSS) installed. Without ACSS, your templates or pages that rely on ACSS templates won’t inherit the styling properties provided by ACSS. This could result in a broken appearance for your page.

So for seamlessly use of our ACSS templates, please visit and navigate to the “Explore” section. From there, select our “Template Packs.”

Next, choose any of our templates that are compatible with ACSS
Click Download.
You'll receive a downloadable ZIP file containing the template on your device.

After unzipping the template, you’ll discover both the ACSS and non-ACSS versions of the templates within the file.

Now, navigate to your WordPress Dashboard and access the ‘Bricks’ menu. From there, select ‘Templates’.

Now Select “Import templates”.

Now Import all The templates from the ACSS file.

Now, proceed to your ‘Pages’ section, create a new page, publish it, and then choose ‘Edit with Bricks’.

In the editor, go to the ‘Templates’ option, select the template you’d like to use for your page, and click ‘Insert.’ Be sure to have the ‘Import images’ option checked.

Your ACSS template will now be added to your page. Feel free to make any desired modifications, and don't forget to save your changes.

Without ACSS:

For the non-ACSS version, there's no need to download Automatic CSS. Simply import the templates from the file and insert them into your pages.
Once inserted, the template will seamlessly integrate into your page, ensuring its smooth functionality.
Thank you.

NB:Each step is explained with screenshots and details